Atelís // Ifrom the greek imperfection is an autobiographical project that explores the sense of belonging and identity. It is a body of work which tells a story of travel and returning to Italy after many years away. My photographs belong to an architecture of a distant past, oneiric spaces and vast landscapes which put into question ideas of searching for home.

At times human beings unconsciously create borders around their own home, land or country and don’t gamble to explore that which is unknown or different.
Fear of the different, fear of the invader, a fear which rocks core beliefs and destabilises routine.

Travelling creates a rupture to this ideology and questions one’s own safety and comfort zone.

What then is home?
Is it a specific place or maybe even a time one remembers? The “sense of home”. Perhaps this is what it is. A sense… something not quite clear. Is it a dream of the past? Is it a photograph of a family reunion or of an old partner?

Is home a mountain? Strong and imposing. No pretences nor expectations.
Is home an island? Surrounded by water. Spherical space. Complete control.

Is home salvation?

Those long trees branch out and reach out as a mother’s embrace. All the trees remind me of home, of that last hug before setting off again.
I see only layers of memories which intertwine between tree branches and empty streets, coming back to a constant solitude. The camera is the only companion which helps to create these pockets of home.
My camera is home.